I am.

As a Forty Plusser you realize that you are not a spring chicken anymore. Yes, yes. You still feel young some days. Other days you may feel like you are 120 years old! Your mind may say “YES baby!”, but your body begins to say “Whoa, please take it slowly!

Not all changes happen exactly on the stroke of midnight when you hit forty! Things start to change gradually as time goes by. You won’t turn into an “old auntie”during the next week or two, It doesn’t work like that, so please chill and relax!

I can still remember puberty. Looking into the mirror wasn’t always a very pleasant moment. At some point I really hated my body. Everything felt out of proportion.Things that I hated was acne and blind pimples under the skin. But that all disappeared as my hormones settled. Boobies began to develop…but I was very proud of it. Picking out bra’s/lingerie was super dooper exciting! I eventually completed this metamorphose from a girl to a woman. Just embrace womanhood!

As a Forty Plusser I want to say to all women out there to accept your body. My hips are quite big but the gynecologist once said that it was “child bearing hips”LOL!! Yes, I have stretch marks to proof my two pregnancies. Mmmmm – also that feeling that my bladder isn’t completely under my control anymore when I laugh or sneeze. As a Forty Plusser The Newton’s law regarding gravity sets in… your boobs may begin to sag, your firm ass may begin to droop a bit… You may develop age spots and brown pigmentation of the skin. More facial wrinkles may begin to form. Wrinkles mean you laughed a lot!! One of the biggest changes/challenges for me is that my eyesight is deteriorating. For me this ‘vision thing’ almost developed overnight! It’s kind of crappy!

But I notice a big phenomenon. Some women are really lucky. Did you ever notice that a woman in her forties just begin to look ABSOLUTELY beautiful? More beautiful than ever before. Like radiant, full of self-confidence? Maybe it is Mother Nature’s way to tell you that it is the final countdown before menopause will start to kick in. Just enjoy this ride. For me there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who is content with her imperfections. Fell in love with your voluptuous body. Look yourself in the mirror and say “Dammit girl, you are looking real good today!”. (Say it like you mean it Baby!).
Wisdom: Being comfortable in your own skin is the spirit of rock and roll and, really, the spirit of cool”. A.D. Aliwat

6 thoughts on “I am.

  1. Aaah the eyesight deterioration!!! I’ve literally just noticed that I’m having to both, hold things under a light, and find the appropriate distance away from my face, to read print that I had no issue with a few weeks ago!!

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  2. I turned 40 one month ago and I do feel like it’s happened overnight. Acting “young” definitely takes more out of me than it ever has. I’ll adjust, I hope. 🙂

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  4. Wonderful message….I hope to remember this when I hit my 40s 😊

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