Finding yoy

“I see you.
I see you behind the busy. Behind the keeping it all together. Behind the “I’m fine” and smiles.
I see you. I see your strong, your giving, your caring. I see your showing up even without the answers. I see your tired, your sleepless nights, your worry. I see you work through the worry and cling to possibility.
I see you. I see your love, your hope, your belief in the good. I see your caring and hours spent trying that no one sees. I see you deal with guilt because you want to be the best you can be.
I see you.
I see that sometimes you need to be told how much you matter, that your giving makes a difference, that you are enough.
I see you. I see how hard you try. I see how you let go of comparison and try to be real. I see you stumble and yet stand up again.
I see your brave.
I see your courage.
I see your heart.
I see you because you are like me.
We give, we love, we are brave.
Thank you.
You are enough.

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