Silent and invisible diseases do exist …

My favorite quote from my family doctor was, “it can’t really be that bad if you are still working and doing everything you do. “ I told him I didn’t know I had a choice. 🤷🏼‍♀️
Years in pain, tired and the many changes in me for no reason or apparent reason … Hiding everything from someone else, pretending to be doing better than you are; until it no longer works. No matter how strong you want to be.
Then the moment comes when they tell you what you have … You have mixed feelings: you finally know what you have, but how do you deal with it?

Lack of encouragement, wanting to lie down, taking medication frequently; having a whole pharmacy on top of the nightstand.
Then, the daily responses, “Why did you get so fat?” “I have this great diet, if you just go out and exercised.

That once beautiful hair of yours now awful and it falls out.
What happened to you??….

This is all true and that’s why I’m sharing it!
Silent and invisible diseases do exist …
When you have an invisible disease it is difficult to argue from your perspective with ignorant people.

Life takes a lot of turns !!!
Tired of being told:
* Did you go to the doctor?
* Have you tried this?
* Have you tried that?
* I don’t know what else we can do for you…

Yes! I tried and still try everything !!!
Doctors say this disease is forever. That I will not heal. However, I am not giving up, but I want to make others realize:
* A nap will not cure me but it will help me …
* I am not lazy, I take medication and it sometimes makes me sleepy.
* I am not angry but sometimes cranky with pain.
* I struggle daily with pain, mobility problems, fatigue, the criticism of my environment.

Most frustratingly, people look at me and say, “It can’t be that bad; you look good ”
Despite the fact that my body is experiencing excruciating pain everywhere, of course I look good, I always try to look good, it is an “invisible” disease.

This disease affects me physically, mentally and emotionally. Because rare autoimmune diseases cannot be seen, but we feel them.
And they are there … Silent attack but extra painful.

I am looking at those who take the time to read this post to the end.
The following request is sent to the post:
Please, for me and in honor of someone who fights against:
-Crohn’s Disease
-Coeliac Disease
-Hashimotos Disease
-Graves Disease
-Autoimmune disease
-Polycystic ovary syndrome.
-Rheumatoid arthritis.
-Chronic pain
-Multiple sclerosis.
-Myasthenia gravis.
-Pulmonary hypertension.
-Chronic fatigue syndrome.
-Raynaud and Scleroderma.
-Neuralgia of the trigeminal
or some other disease you don’t see.
Copy and paste.
I understand if you don’t, It’s okay.
Type ” done ” in comments and thank you for your support.


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6 thoughts on “Silent and invisible diseases do exist …

  1. I have never thought about these things. Thank you so much for sharing. I think it is so important for building empathy.

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  2. DONE

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  3. done

    I have Hashimotos, and I’m tired of being told hair loss, weight gain, tiredness and feeling sad is just part of getting older. Thanks for sharing and speaking out.

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