As a “Forty Plusser” you realise that life does not owe you anything. NOTHING at all. Sometimes we lose things, sometimes we grieve, and sometimes we’re lonely.

Bottom line: You will lose things in life, but often we receive more than we dreamed possible.

The other day, a young, aspiring girl in her twenties said the most amazing thing – I was absolutely fascinated by her wisdom: She said that she noticed that “older people” wish to lose certain things in our lives.  At first we want to gain things and as we age we want to “get rid of stuff”.  We want to lose weight, lose our wrinkles, lose our current lifestyle and always wishing for something better. We always wish for something else. It made me think.

Perhaps you are overwhelmed that your youth is over. Reality hits you. Some things are taken away from you. Sometimes without choice. It can leave you empty and sad and with questions.

Things you are afraid to lose
* My greatest fear is losing my ability to care for myself.
* Okay, so I am extremely patient but there were instances when I spurted out with bad consequences. I don’t want to lose my cool!
* Would you let go of your house, your job, your spouse, your town, your picture of the “perfect life” you always dreamed of?
* Fear of losing someone you love
* If you were to lose your main source of income. Where will I get money??
I actually do wish to lose “my fear of being a failure in life”: It is time for you as a woman to step forward.  It takes tremendous courage. Particularly as women, I think we need to stop waiting.  We hope and wait for everything… waiting to be appreciated, to be discovered, to move up the ladder.

There is this little voice in you head constantly telling you  “I’m not good enough.” You are a mess “Look at all the mistakes I’ve made.” Once you start throwing all these things out you actually can move forward. Get away of the rubbish inside your head!

So here it goes  – List of things to get rid off! 
– Old underwear or swimwear that’s losing its stretch. YES!!!
– Old makeup.
– Dried-up nail polish.
– Old toothbrushes.
– Old batteries.  They ARE really flat! and NO, they will never work again !! Throw it away!
– Socks with holes in it.
– Anything you haven’t worn for the last 18 months.   (That Clothes that will never ever fit again!).
– The other side of a pair of lost earrings or socks.  Where did the other sock go???
– Pens and pencils. Keep your favorites and let go of the rest.
– Old manuals for electronics and gadgets.
– Don’t hold on to grudges because it can wreak havoc on your own life.   Let it go.
– Toxic relationships.

Things to hold onto – simple pleasures:
* That first sip of coffee in the morning.
* Taking a bath.
* Hearing a nice song at the right moment.
* The sunset.
* A peaceful place to sit.
* The smell of an aromatic candle.
* Clothes fresh out of the dryer. 
* Dancing
* Walking in the veld
* Enjoying your family
* Appreciate small things
* Receiving an unexpected compliment
* The smell of freshly cut grass
* The smell of spring blossoms
O, I am a“Living for the weekends only” type of person. Not a good thing…
Yes, it’s good to look forward to next weekend, but what is happening right now at this very moment? This moment is just as long as the next, so why don’t we appreciate it as much? Appreciate every moment you are given and appreciate everyone who is a part of that moment.
Eventually,  you will lose every single  thing in your life. Nothing is here to stay.  Nothing is permanent.  Not even you!

Wisdom: Life Quote: Don’t be afraid to lose people. Be afraid of losing yourself by trying to please everyone around you. – Unknown

14 thoughts on “LOSING

  1. Loved this post! Definitely going to to be clearing out my closet later today :O) x

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  2. Inspiring article.Love every sentence.Thank you so much

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  3. jenniebowyer3350 Feb 11, 2019 — 5:00 am

    Love love love this!!!!

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  4. Couldn’t agree more!

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  5. Great

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  6. Great.

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  7. Great ideas/lists! There is so much I can pay attention to here and I am glad I read this today.

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  8. Inspiring post ..so much to do now..loved it

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  9. I agree with all you’re saying. But tonight a good friend is losing her fight for life. I’m trying to hang on to the good times.


      1. Thank you 🤗💕


  10. Nicely said, love it. That is right, the older we are the more simple things value more. 🙂

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