Intentionally making others miserable

“Happy people don’t go around intentionally making others miserable. They just don’t. They don’t tear down, or pick fights, or create drama where there is none to be made. They don’t wish bad on others, or belittle, so it says something about people who are being awful right now.

Sad people do sad things. The end.

I used to love a clap back, and I used to think it was my job to “win” with people who’d been rude. I used to respond to negative comments, and I used to try to change people’s minds, and then one day I thought “what the hell am I doing? I’m doing exactly what they want. This isn’t revenge. This is me continuing the cycle.”

I don’t try to get back at people anymore. It’s such a waste—of time, of energy, of my thoughts. Nah…you can go ahead. I can’t control you. I’m just going to be over here living my life if you need me.

I’m gonna aim higher.

I’m gonna choose grace. Im gonna chase gratitude. I’m gonna bring joy to the table. I’m gonna reach for hope. I’m gonna run with my arms wide open towards faith. I’m gonna guard my heart, and I’m gonna protect my peace. I’m gonna dream, and I’m gonna do good, and I’m gonna be kind. I’m gonna encourage, and I’m gonna lift up and I can’t do that if I get down on your level.

I’m gonna do what God’s asked me to do, and I’m gonna keep my thoughts on heaven, which is exactly where they belong.

I hope you’ll follow suit and let it go, cause there is absolutely no happiness to be found in anger, and bitterness, and division, and hate. None. Maybe they don’t deserve forgiveness, but you do. You deserve to let it go.

Life is so short, and it’s so easy to waste it dwelling on nonsense. Spread light, and if other people don’t like it, toss them some cheap sunglasses and just keep on shining, sis.

You have work to do, so you can’t be distracted with all that.

The best way to get back at people, is to pray for them. They must be going through something, so you can either extend the arguing, or you extend mercy, but you can’t do both. Please don’t jump in the ring. Don’t play the game. Don’t do that to your own heart. There’s no glory there, and I know that’s not who you are, and that’s not what you do.

Break the cycle and go in a new direction. That’s how you get ahead, and that’s the best revenge of all: You live above the fray, you live well, and you do it all with crazy doses of love and compassion.

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