If today was your last day

I heard this song on the radio “If today was your last day…” Please listen to this song at the end of this post.

I am a Forty Plusser. So, biological speaking –  I am on my “halfway mark”of life.  But any day can be your last day!

So, let’s get into it.  How would I spend it?  I have no clue.  Really.  Yeh yeh.  People tell you that you must live each day like if it was your last day on earth, but it is not possible.  If I just have one day left to live, I wouldn’t do stuff I normally do.  No way.

  • Number one – I will need some “free time”so I will leave office right now and resign with immediate effect.
  • Number two – I will tell my husband and my kids how much I love them, and that they will be okay without me. I will let them know for the one last time that I truly love them.
  • Number three – I will tell my mother how much I love her and appreciate everything she has done for me.
  • Number four – I would go sit with my dogs and cuddle them for 15 minutes.
  • Number five – I know people less fortunate than me, and my plan is to spend all my money in my bank account on them.
  • Number six – I would look at some photo’s on my social media.
  • Number seven – I would write a “good bye”letter and put in on social media to tell everyone how much they meant to me in life.
  • Number eight – Enough with the deep stuff…
  • Number nine – I would sleep for a while to re-fuel my energy for the rest of the day.
  • Number ten – I would splurge on food with high calorie content.
  • Number eleven –  I would go and walk on the beach for about half an hour.
  • Number twelve – I would go to the narcissist in my life and punch him as hard as I could in the face…I won’t need the “go no contact rule”anymore…
  • Number thirteen – I wouldn’t be too preoccupied by this subject, because I would be ready and at peace.
  • Number fourteen – I can’t rule from the grave!  Or can I? (perhaps I must make a list of some people…  coming back to haunt them… Lol!!).


Wisdom: “There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done. One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do, and mostly live.”

43 thoughts on “If today was your last day

  1. My God such a thought provoking post!. Interesting to know what rest of us would have behaved!

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  2. very profound! Truly. we have ONLY one day. no one knows if tomorrow will come or not. live each day as the last is excellent advise and wisdom! well said . excellent post!!

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    1. I would like to send a poem I wrote – actually I would like to send two but I don’t know how to do it – I am elderly and no good with technology. I could do it on an email. One poem is called ‘Imagination’

      If, in the sunset of your life you for a moment pause
      To recollect your past and remember that which was
      And if you shed a silent tear for dreams yet unfulfilled
      And you regret you can’t forget the hopeless hopes you built
      Take heart, it had to be that way, for all was planned in Heaven
      Now you can use the greatest gift that man was ever given
      And take the empty pages from your Book of Memory
      Fill these with your imagination and what was not, will be

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      1. O my! Love it! 💞Such a heartfelt, amazing poem. I think we can all relate and you summed it up perfectly 🌹You are a great writer!

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      2. marina saleem Feb 6, 2019 — 2:07 am

        Here’s another poem:

        Years have passed since you were with me
        Though it seems like only yesterday
        I can’t remember having lost you –
        You must have quietly slipped away

        I thought we’d always be together
        And so took you for granted
        I realised your worth too late –
        The seed of Time was planted

        And Time won’t for a second pause
        To let us take account
        But tiptoes on invisibly –
        Uttering not a sound

        The moment came, we had to part
        It came unseen, unheard
        Stealing you away from me
        Without a murmur or a word

        Now after all those years have passed
        I realise the truth –
        That you have gone from me forever –
        My lost and precious Youth

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      3. You are very talented 💖🌺👌


      4. Thank you so much! Another poem:


        I drink today to drown my sorrow
        But still I have to face tomorrow
        What then. – will I repeat the game
        In hope that I may hide my shame
        What magic does this bottle hold
        To turn Life’s tinsel into gold
        I raise the glass up to my lip
        My problems vanish with a sip
        But no! ’tis just a cruel illusion
        Which only adds to my confusion
        I drink today to drown my sorrow
        But still I have to face tomorrow

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      5. I am looking forward to seeing more poems you wrote.

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      6. so glad you liked my poem. Here’s another one:
        They tell me that the grass is green and that the sjy is blue
        But he colour green I’ve never seen and blue is unknown too
        For I was born without the precious gift of sight
        For me there is no day – just always, always night
        I cannot see the way they see but I have pictures in my mind
        People think that cannot be just because I’m blind
        I can touch the petals of a rose and this way I can tell
        The rose is such a beauty and its lovely scent I smell
        And if tomorrow I could see I wonder what I’d feel –
        Disappointed I may be in seeing things for ‘real’
        Could be that I’m better off with the pictures in my mind
        Could be that I’m fortunate in having been born blind

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      7. Great poem, like it very much

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      8. This is beautiful!! ♥️

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  3. would you mine if i reblog this as i find it BRILLIANT. i don’t like to do that unless i ask permission first. seems like stealing otherwise. lol.

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    1. I don’t mind at all!! Please feel free to reblog. It would be an honor! Have a nice day!


    2. I’d like to repost a couple of these poems myself.. beautiful!!

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  4. ilonapulianauskaite Feb 6, 2019 — 9:21 pm

    I would spend the day with my family!

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  5. What a beautiful post! Wow!

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  6. If today was my last day I would travel on the bus to the seaside, buy a pack of fish and chips, sit down at the water front and enjoy myself.

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  7. I had never heard this song before, and needed it and the reminder today.

    Thank you for rocking ❤

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    1. I am glad that you found this song inspiring 🌹🌷


  8. Excellent post! I love Nickelback; equally I love the songs with strong messages. This one has stopped me in my thoughts quite often.

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  9. Shared this awesome post on IT’S ALL ABOUT LOVE!!! Thanks for your lovely inspiration!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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    1. Thanks for stopping by and the reblog! Have a nice day!

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      1. With MUCH LOVE!!!! Thanks for staying such a Lovely Inspiration!!!!! 😃💕🌷💕🌷💕🌷🌷💕🌷💕🌷😃💕🌷🌷💕😃

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  10. A profound question indeed…I would simply spend my time outdoors, preferably by the shore, enjoying the feeling of the sun, the smell of the ocean and the taste of some good food! Also, talk/share time my friends and family!

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  11. Great post to reflect upon, and that wisdom at the end is spot on.

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  12. This made me thought. I’m also 40 (which feels so absurd). Still feels like 30+ age. In this age (at the latest) you really realize life is not forever. I specially started to think about it after my dad dyed last year. It’s hard to switch your mind away and be more positive even I try.
    Marina saleem, your poems are great! I shed a tear while reading! I write poems also but in finnish.

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  13. I lost my text…Great post!
    You will become more aware of that life is not forever with age. I also got that magical 40 years this spring which feels so absurd. I’m still feeling like 30+ age. Losses make an own work in your mind also. Last year my dad dyed. It was the first time when I really realized the limit of life.
    Marina saleem your poems are great! I shed a tear while reading. I also write poems but in finnish.

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  14. Great post. I like No- 5

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