Forty Plusser and choices

“I’m forever a fan of people who… * Choose kindness. * Keep going. * Help others. * Act humbly. * But go with confidence. * Know how to be a cheerleader. * Know how to make a road trip fun. * Work hard. * Pray harder. * Boldly chase their dreams. * Appreciate the small things. * Always keep it real. * Include. * Don’t play games. * Don’t pretend to be perfect. * Don’t take themselves too seriously. * Lift others up. * Are brave enough to be themselves. * Think outside the box. * Stand up for what is right. * Tell the truth. * Forgive. * Apologize. * Give grace like crazy. * Encourage. * Laugh easily. * Call just to chat. * Get excited about ideas. * Don’t talk about other people. * Show up for their friends. * Learn from their mistakes. * Share. * Don’t judge. * Will sit with you in the mess. * Make other people’s lives better. * Know who they are. * Tell the truth. * Believe the best. * Put people over possessions, politics, and pretty much everything else. * Look at life like it’s one giant miracle. *   Care about things that matter. * Live to love and love to live ❤️

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2 thoughts on “Forty Plusser and choices

  1. Many similarities with you dear❤️❤️❤️

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