Being real

Imagine being 75 and you’re sat thinking about your life and how you never went swimming in the ocean on a warm night because your thighs jiggled.

Imagine realising you never laughed until you couldn’t breathe because your teeth weren’t straight or white enough. you never embraced the sun on the beach because of the stretch marks on your stomach and your hips. you never allowed yourself to let go and have fun because the pressure to look perfect consumed you.

Imagine being 75 and realising you’ve hidden yourself away for the fear of being real. imagine realising all the years you wasted hating yourself, but now it’s too late to go swim in the ocean late at night. now it hurts to laugh for more than a few seconds and you’re too weak to travel to the beach. imagine realising all this time you were perfect the way you were, but now it’s too late to do anything about it. don’t let that happen. live now, as you are. you deserve to realise you’re enough, and always have been, before you’re 75.

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5 thoughts on “Being real

  1. I think those kind of thoughts all the time … and they have been a wonderful motivator for living life to the full. Great post!

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  2. I really enjoyed this post honestly because I am ultra critical of myself. However why the picture of the woman at the end unless that is you. Unless to say that isn’t real. I have been in Beverly Hills for work a few times and once when I saw about fifteen girls march in with their agents. They were anywhere from 16 to 18 and bone thin. The make up could have been scrapped off into a coffee cups. Their dresses were so short that some were unable to sit down. I was having a bowl of soup and bread with my daughter. It was quite sad actually. I guess my point is your average person does not look like the woman at the end. I stopped buying magazines a few years ago because I was sick of the peddling of bone skinny women with sprayed on makeup. You are right let’s not tell ourselves these women are real because they are not. Love and hugs Joni 🤗💕❤️

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    1. The picture at the end is the “unrealistic woman”. Thanks for visiting my blog. xx

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      1. I was hoping that might be the case. I was a bit confused I guess. I am sorry if I got a bit ruffled. I shouldn’t have made an assumption. The forty something woman has never had so much pressure to look perfect. It is women who are the editors and producers of all these magazines with very young perfectly enhanced models. I think it is wonderful that you are telling women to be themselves and to not be pushed into a category manufactured by magazines. Sorry for the rant, honestly. I worry about women alone right now in this crazy world we are living in being self critical and beating themselves up. Please accept my apology and I hope I can still call you friend. Love ❤️ Joni

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  3. I love this post. We should all self-reflect.

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