No, No, No!

One of the most liberating moments in my life was when I learned to say NO. Yes, for me as a Forty Plusser the word “no”is a full sentence. It’s all about being straightforward. As a Forty Plusser you need to be true to yourself.

As a Forty Plusser you have “GUTS”. You are able to stand up for yourself. You know what your boundaries are in life. You have the courage to say NO. I do what I want to do. I do things that I love. I no longer live a life of enduring.

This is your life. This is your business. You get to decide. Say no to things that don’t make sense for you.

I either dislike or like something. No in between. No more saying “yes” and breaking my own boundaries. Saying “no”is about prioritization. As a Forty Plusser we know what we want and we know what’s required to make us happy. You have the right to say no, without feeling guilty!

Saying “no”does not make you a negative person. Our society often associate the word “no”with being dull(Party pooper), misadventures or a tightwad.

By saying “no”doesn’t mean that we are trying to be jerks.

It is up to you whether or not you want to continue a relationship with an energy vampire. You aren’t doomed to having your energy drained forever. If you meet someone and your energy starts bottoming out, don’t think twice about politely removing yourself from this relationship. Maybe it is time to say “No”- I am not sacrificing my peace and sanity. Don’t confuse setting boundaries for being cruel. You ultimately need to do what is best for you and you mental health!

Failing to establish and maintain boundaries with overstepping relatives could also ruin your life if you cannot say “no”to certain situations. Sad but true – Some parents just don’t understand that you are a grown woman who can make up her own mind about her life decisions.

Sometimes you also need to say “no”and end a business partnership that are not in alignment with the direction you have in mind for the business.

Say “no”to demons of your past. The demons of your past can destroy you. Learn to say “no”to this voice in your head. Let it go and move on with your life. It is the only way you can heal.

You don’t need anymore drama in your life. Say “no”to other people’s baggage. Don’t let other people’s motives make decisions for you.

People will not always respect you saying “no”:

Even if you do set boundaries people will cross them without even feeling guilty for it. Some people in your life – parents, husbands or wives, or even friends might feel entitled to disrespect you and not take your “no”seriously. In my experience, toxic and difficult people are more likely to violate your boundaries on a consistent basis.

By saying “no”  we recognise that we are the agents of our own limits. Learning to say “no”is not necessarily easy, but it is essential for avoiding uncomfortable situations.

  • Learn to say no without explaining.
  • Trust your intuition. Say no to things that don’t feel right to you.
  • You don’t have to accept or feel guilty about things you are not okay with.
  • When you say “yes”to others, make sure you are not saying “no”to yourself.


“Saying NO gains you respect. When you say NO, the other person may feel disappointed. But ultimately they will respect you for taking good care of yourself. And most of all, you will respect yourself because you are being true to yourself!”Doreen Virtue

8 thoughts on “No, No, No!

  1. learn to say no to businesses who demand your private information as well. it shocks them. In fact, we just closed a bank account today because their new policy was to extract information from us never before needed. The usual excuse was 911. That tired excuse is worn out. 17 years past. At what point do people stop being punished for crimes they have not committed? when they learn to say NO! and mean it. no to requests for email, phone, work, and other info that is no ones business but our own.

    well said. love your article.!!

    you have excellent word magick! well done.

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  2. Such an insightful post. Now if only I had this to follow from when I hit my forties.

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  3. Very well said! Some never learn this lesson and can’t understand why they feel drained and tired all of the time.👍🤸‍♂️🤸‍♂️

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  4. It takes lot’s of gut’s to say no more especially if you are in compromised situation but saying no can bring happiness so learn to say no…hope you enjoyed your day!

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  5. Absolutely! I think Helen Mirren got it right when she said one of the first things she’d teach a daughter, if she had one, is how to say “f*** off”.

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