Life has no remote control

As a Forty Plusser I would love to go back to the good times, forward the sad times, re-live the awesome times and pause the moments that are slipping through my fingers. Time waits for no one. There is no remote control.  No pause, stop, forward or rewind buttons.

Some memories may not be as happy as others, but they are proof that you lived. Memories are with us forever and teach us and to remind us that we are human. In life there are times when we make the wrong decision or the worst decision which we will regret in life for a lifetime. But there are also very good and happy moment memories.

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As a child the future was so far away, I didn’t gie a damn about what I wanted to be when I grew up.  As a Forty Plusser it feels as if it was only yesterday that I had no worries. Actually there are times that I wish I had never grown up. I wish that I could look back and have no regrets.

As a child I always wondered what it would feel life to be an adult. I just wanted to grow up quickly so that I could earn my own money! So… I grew up and reality strucked me hard, LOL!! Being in adult has its pros and cons. It is not as easy as it seems through the eyes of a child.

As an adult you are expected to act mature and composed all the time. Being an adult is a task in itself and a lot of us have issues embracing it. Adult life is so full of responsibilities. When I look back at my life I did not always chose the path that would benefit me as I grew older. But that’s okay.  Who’s perfect anyway?

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Growing up can hurt and can be full of nostalgia. As an adult you are expected to behave according to social norms. You suddenly start to worry about your future and other things you never gave a damn about.  You also find yourself overloaded with responsibilities. A real bummer is that you metabolism is slower…  

As a Forty Plusser I quite often have to push my body past the point of exhaustion. As an adult I also experience the vagaries of fate and opportunities and health. As a Forty Plusser I also know that childhood dreams and reality often do not coincide and even if they do, may be quite different than we anticipated. Life can be unencumbered by stress and pretensions. 

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I sometimes wonder about life… you are born, you grow up… you die. That’s how it will always be. As a Forty Plusser, ageing sometimes such, but maturity is a great thing too!  Make it the best life as possible!! Grow up they said, it will be fun they said!

Wisdom: Let go of the illusion and notice the good things in reality. Every phase of life is different and filled with its own share of joy and sorrow.

1 thought on “Life has no remote control

  1. All different parts of our path my friend. I think the same now of my children I wish they were small again. Time seems to speed up the older we get.

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