Don’t say it…

As a Forty Plusser there are some days that I am just too tired to keep fighting bipolar.   It seems like a never-ending battle…  But the show must go on.

Image result for image quotes WHAT NOT TO SAY TO A DEPRESSED PERSON

4 thoughts on “Don’t say it…

  1. Those are great! I don’t think you say those things to anyone. It all seems rude 😑

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  2. What a great list of things not to say! And haven’t we heard most of all of them at one time or another? Or implied, at least. Like fighting depression isn’t hard enough!

    I hear you about feeling tired of fighting. At fifty I feel the same, especially about my PTSD. You are obviously a strong and resilient person; I hope you give yourself credit for your fighting spirit!

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    1. Thanks for stopping by! It is a neverending battle… I am so sorry to hear about your PTSD. Big hug!

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