Fresh start

As a Forty Plusser you just know that not everything in life goes according to plan. Yes sometimes we are forced out of our comfort zone. Actually a lot! Sometimes you need to change direction for the sake of you own survival and sanity!!

Okay, I have depression(bipolar). So there are days that I really don’t see any future at all! Like just wanting to quit…  But then again, I have lots of normal days. It is days like these that I totally embrace. Sometimes life can be a real struggle. But the fact that I am a mother and a wife forces me to find a way to “make it work in life”. This is a conscious decision I make on a daily basis, because to be quite honest…the visit to the psychiatrist only helps that much!! I have to find a constant way deep inside my soul to keep going.

So yes, I have start over many many times in my life!  I try to have this motto of “get up, dress up, show up”.  And yes, I can start over as many times as I want!

I have to admit that certain scenarios is “reality”and there is not much you can do to change it.
This includes:

  • work or career . To change careers and start over after forty can be very risky…
  • spousal relationships (Happily married or disaster…)
  • Children getting older
  • Your “Looks”as you age

Starting over can be nerve wrecking. Starting something new is major fun. Once you make the decision to go after that shiny new dream you’re filled with all of this hope and motivation. There is no manual in life to start over. No MAGIC wand! However, I don’t have a realistic recipe on how to make a fresh start in life.

The following is usually on the menu of me starting over(Change).  (REGULARLY!!)

Boredom: Get a new hobby! What to do?? I recently started blogging as a hobby.

Lack of meaning in your life: The idea of helping others is part of a meaningful life. But most days I spend so much time at work that I am cut off from other people. By just being kind to people boosts my health, happiness, and sense of well-being.

Attitude is everything:  I try to change my attitude.  I try not to be too hard on myself. Take it one day at a time! One step at a time!

Look after your body: Instead of always trying to lose weight, try making an intention to take care of your body with nutritius food, love and care.

Get rid of debt: Debt begins to melt away (and never take hold in the first place) when you manage your money with gratitude. Don’t spend more than you earn!! Throw away that creditcard! Yebo Yes!!!

Love yourself more: With raising kids and being a wife a we can easily lose ourselves. I had to accept that it is NOT A SIN to make time for yourself! If you do not take care of yourself you cannot take care of others!

Do what you love: Yes, do what YOU love. Take that trip, read that book, go watch that movie, go for that long due coffeedate.

Depression(Bipolar): It is a constant battle. Believe me, but I REALLY try.  I start over again and again and again.

Wisdom: To leave the old behind and embrace the new. To ignite a new spark that will light a new life, with a deeper meaning, broader experience and much more fulfillment than you had so far. A rebirth.

10 thoughts on “Fresh start

  1. Inspiring post! I have depression and have found ways to function regardless. I think it enables us to help others when we have gone through tough times 🙂

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  2. Lots of valuable truths in your posts. Thank you….Carol

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  3. I have bi-polar/depression/anxiety and I found that blogging about my feelings as been life changing. I finally realize I am not alone. This was really a beautiful post. Thank you so much; I look forward to reading more of your posts

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  4. I love your attitude and I’m definitely going to incorporate some of these suggestions into my life; I already do some of them but there’s lots of room for improvement….and for starting over! 🙂

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  5. It is really incredible to see your blog and positivity and hope flushed all around. You are an inspiration.

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    1. Thank you very much Nishtha Gehija.

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  6. vielendank !! und viel erfolg wunsch ihnen mit ihren blog zeit !!!!

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  7. Very useful points. They are very relevant for every person. Thanks for sharing.

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