Monetize WordPress site – Not really making any money at all.

As a Forty Plusser I needed a new hobby.  So I decided to start blogging on WordPress. I saw an advertisement that said that monetizing your site, can help you earn extra money. You know… the promises… the sound too good to be true stuff.  O well, I have been blogging for over a year. I post every day. I like, share, comment.

I am not the “blogging site of the year”(LOL!), but my revenue is always the same no matter what my views are. Some days I only get 100 views and then I have a revenue of $0.01.  Some days I get 1000 views and my revenue is still only $0.01.  My revenue is always $0.00, $0.01 or $0.02. There was this one time that I got $0.53. It was like winning the lotto!  Yes, that was only once…

What is your experience with this monetized WordPress site? There is now logic reason why I would renew my yearly subscription… or am I doing it wrong?


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