Working 9 to 5

As a Forty Plusser I come across many Forty Plussers that feel trapped in their jobs. It is easier to change careers while you are younger. The thing is… there is a very very thin line between complaining and just being plain ungrateful! Many times, grass seems greener on the other side when actually it isn’t.

Let’s make it crystal clear: Stop! Don’t ever go broadcasting the fact that you hate your job on social media. If you tell people all over the Internet how you hate your job, you compromise the level of professional integrity you convey, and can risk you getting the boot if the wrong person picks up on your vent sessions. In some instances being frustrated with your job can just be some sort of phase you’re going through, especially if you have personal problems at home.

At some point in your career you may fantasize about driving to the office… packing up your stuff and say “goodbye colleagues, goodbye Boss…”.  Off you go! You quit! Cheers🍾Big bang moment…magicly get a dream life! Dream on baby! Sorry to burst your bubble…Real life doesn’t work like that. Hey… Reality checker… O my word!!

Almost every morning it’s the same thing over and over again. Look at the time!! Jump into the shower… dreading getting dressed… sip on some filter coffee – if you still have time!! Grab the nearest thing to eat( not a healthy way to do breakfast)… jump into your car… face the morning traffic… maybe swear at some people caught up in the traffic jam…middle finger moments… eye rolling moments.  Then you arrive at the office… work… watch the clock ticking… minutes feel like hours… wishing for five o clock to go home! Then, once home, some more responsibilities… Then off the bed – wishing to fall asleep quickly and not get anxious about what tomorrow will bring. Tomorrow it’s the same thing over and over again. The “not so lovely rat race!!”. This routine is killing you!!!

There are people out there that desperately want a job, and now you are complaining about having a job!! You need a job.. You need the money. You just hate the routine! Many employees find that there are no promotion opportunities. It is true: Lack of advancement opportunities is the most commonly cited reason employees begin to look for new jobs elsewhere. Life is life and you can’t just pick and choose jobs – you have to keep the job you have, because jobs are scarce. You feel frustrated because you do your best each day, but don’t always feel appreciated. You may feel overworked and underpaid. Maybe one of your colleagues got the promotion you’ve always wanted!! You don’t have a plan B. Many people don’t even know if they have other capabilities beyond their job. Okay, colleagues also come and go even this is a big adjustment by itself in the workplace. You get attached to some of your colleagues and friendships are formed. Some colleagues may be toxic and self-centered. If this is the case, just try to ignore them! Don’t get into office gossiping.

Every job out there, comes with rough patches. Maybe you feel trapped and find that you’ve completely lost track of your ambition or your drive. You may have reached a point where you are lacking passion and fulfillment. Maybe it is time for change…but spending a lot of your time venting about your job is not a good thing… If you permanently feel like a flat tyre, it is time to do more digging and search for answers about yourself. Reality checker – passion is overrated when it comes to paying the bills. You have to work and pay the bills! That’s part of being an adult. Maybe you just need a holiday and a break from the routine.  Point is – what exactly is a so-called “dream life”?.

Wisdom quote: “I want to look back on my career and be proud of the work, and be proud that I tried everything.” —Jon Stewart, comedian

Wisdom quote: It’s been proven time and time again that people with a positive outlook are happier and more successful, and have greater career satisfaction and a better self-image. The reason for this is simple: Your attitude has incredible power to shape your life. Stan Toler, The Power of Your Attitude

5 thoughts on “Working 9 to 5

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    Curious George inside me wants to know this beautiful beyond words lady on the cover pic with the strawberry shake in front of her. Is it a random pic from free Google media or someone you know? I’m a sucker for beauty and this pic just made my day. Thank you 🙂

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  2. If your random selection is so good how wonderful would be your carefully and thoughtfully selected beauties. Stay blessed 🌹

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  3. Beautiful expression..
    Life is all about enjoying the journey…moving from failure to success…both failure and success are part of our lives ….we got to give our best shot to whatever we do . .

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