Just ponder on this for a minute

Just ponder on this for a minute…

2020 – We just have to stay in for a couple of months.
WW II – You have to leave your loved ones and might never see them again.

2020 – But my kids need some fresh air so we’re all going to the park.
WW II – Your kids have to be evacuated and live with random good samaritans for their safety.

2020 – I can only Facetime my family and friends I can’t see them.
WW II – I have written letters, I’m hoping they’re received and I get a response this year.

2020 – I am trying to order my food shop online, it’s taking ages to get to me I need, alcohol, and all the other foods I’m craving.
WW II – Are you coming to queue-up in the line for our rations-potato soup every day of the week?

2020 – The government hasn’t said we can’t go out, they just said we can but only once to exercise so I’m going to go meet my friends and do what I want.
WW II – I’m not going out just in case a bomb drops so I will stay in listening to some music quietly because the air raid siren might go off.

2020 – Netflix needs to sort the streaming out I can’t even watch a series without it crashing.
WW II – We are sitting in the dark around a candle playing cards keeping as much light in as possible so the warplanes don’t see us from above.

2020 – Every man for themselves, so I’m going to stock-pile as much as I can because we are more important than anyone else, never mind the elderly that gave us this freedom.
WW II – I’m so grateful for this community, everyone is helping each other out when and where we can, we must stay strong.

This is the perspective that we should have, we don’t know how LUCKY we have it and people still aren’t listening.

Stay in, it really is that simple!


7 thoughts on “Just ponder on this for a minute

  1. So very true. I was very small at the time but remember bits of things. Good post.

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  2. This perspective is eye opening. Thank you.

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  3. I totally agree with you. You took the words out of my mouth. For me it’s vacation time, staying at home, relaxing, doing the things I didn’t have time to do when I was at the office all day. Take care and stay safe.

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  4. It really makes you stop and think and appreciate what we have now.

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  5. 👏👏👏 I wrote something similar to this. selfishness and impatience are eroding our ability to see the importance of helping the community.

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  6. So true! We have it easy, compared with previous generations.

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