Covid 19 – Coronavirus

Here I am today. My country, South Africa is under lockdown for the dreaded Covid 19 Virus. Total lockdown from March 27, 2020 to April 16, 2020. This is for now only. Maybe it will last for a very long time. The Government has introduced numerous laws and measures to help curb the Covid 19 virus. The South African government is strict. Among other things, if you distribute fake news, there are fines and jail time. The Covid 19 pandemic has only recently hit South Africa. This is only the beginning. May I be completely wrong! This virus is going to explode like an atomic bomb! Hopefully not! People are supposed to stay home to try to prevent the spread of the virus. Only people who perform essential services or work is allowed to work. I have a workpermit.  I’m at work, but apply every possible measure to try to stop the spread of the virus. Sanitize my hands all the time, wear a mask, and so on. I almost look like someone coming from Mars.

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People and leaders around the world are speechless. We are all in uncharted territory and have more questions and answers in this time of huge uncertainty during the Nationwide Lockdown. The virus makes the world spiral downword. The world has been completely caught off guard by this Corona virus. It feels like a dream. Really a hellish nightmare. Everything feels unreal. There is a sense of surprise here, almost a kind of hysterical excitement because you have no idea what the future holds. People act funny. I’m one of them. I have no idea how to deal with this pandemic virus. I think we are all dumbfounded. Should you be scared? Should you just go on with your life normally? Do you also have sleepless nights over your finances? It is widely predicted that the virus will trigger a global recession, due to collapsing demand and the supply shocks this crisis will entail.Should you collect food? I read about the 1918 flu epidemic and I get chills … it can hit humanity again … millions of people can die. I personallty think that we will have to move out of our comfortzones.  Life as we know it is never going to be the same again.

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Back to South Africa. There are many rules that the government has set, but some people are trying to violate every single rule? I do not understand. It’s if people know or sense they might be next in line to catch the virus and they want to enjoy their life for the last time? I don’t know. People are reckless. People don’t care. People buy toilet paper as if it’s going to get out of fashion. People act really funny … some like total idiots! I read articles on social media. The economy finds itself in stormy waters. That alone is a disaster for so many individuals and families around the world. Schools are closed. The world is forced to a halt.

I think back to my New Year’s resolution for 2020. I just wished for a better year than 2019! I could literally give anything just to have another year like 2019. It shows you how quickly life can change! I read about people who predicted the virus. Christians see it as a test of their faith. Is it God’s will? To be honest, all religions are tested! Is this a way of nature to reduce the human population? Is this perhaps the beginning of the end of the world? The kind of thing I’ve only seen in movies. Surely that can’t be true? We are so super smart and have a solution to every challenge? This virus is bigger than we think.  We know it’s out there… invisible and deadly threat yet until it effects us directly it’s almost as it if doesn’t exist.  It shows how powerless mankind really is. Mankind is being forced to it’s knees. It feels as if I am literally blindly going into a war with eye-flaps. When is the bullet going to hit me? When is the bullet going to hit you? Hopefully some smart scientist will soon find a cure for this.

As Robert Oppenheimer liked to say, “Now I am becoming Death, the destroyer of worlds”? It’s terrible! . This virus is invisible to the naked eye. However, the virus is a powerful weapon. This weapon kills us! You don’t know when you might be next in line. Although you cannot see the virus with the naked eye, you do see the tragic consequences of this. Patients suffer, doctors are exhausted and drained, hospitals are overcrowded, some people find the symptoms just minor, while some people simply die! How bad !! I salute every dear doctor and health professional who puts their lives at risk to help patients. You are true heroes! May God have mercy on us weak and insignificant people!

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  1. Sending you love and positive thoughts in these uncertain times! 💕🌏

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