Is it even possible to earn money from blogging on WordPress????

As a Forty Plusser that is new to this WordPress Blogging world, I just want to know if anyone of you ever actually received/made money from blogging on WordPress? Or do you get absolutely zilch in terms of ad revenue?

I read the following:  If you think you’ll be earning tons of money with WordAds, you’re definitely wrong!

I read the following: How and when do I get paid?
A: WordAds pays monthly via PayPal. Payments are sent around the last day of the following month. If you earned less than $100 in a given month, your earnings will carry over to the next month instead. 

I read the following: Rates are vastly different depending on the country the viewer is visiting from. 

I read the following: And while you may see a lot of traffic from US visitors, there’s no guarantee that those are the users who are seeing your ads due to the proliferation of ad blockers.

I read the following:  What is actually more important is who the audience is that is viewing the ads.

I read the following:  Now WordAds doesn’t make public what each country impression rate is  but from what I have gathered doing research online, it is known that the U.S. and U.K. are two of the highest paying countries and two of the lowest paying are India and China.

I read the following:  One day I’ll earn something. Keep the faith, as they say! Still, it helps to pass the time. Good luck everyone!

So here are my questions for those bloggers that actually makes money:

  • How many views do you actually need to get $1.00 a day?
  • Views from which visitors/country/geography actually generate an income?
  • What WordPress plan you are using?  Personal, Premium and Business.   
  • How many hours do you spend on blogging each day

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20 thoughts on “Is it even possible to earn money from blogging on WordPress????

  1. Very Informative. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. Interesting but I’m here as an empowerment coach and author. That’s it. 😁

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  3. “I read the following: How and when do I get paid?
    A: WordAds pays monthly via PayPal. Payments are sent around the last day of the following month. If you earned less than $100 in a given month, your earnings will carry over to the next month instead. ”

    Can you monitor the results? Are there stats.

    You would also need the premium theme that allows advertising and that’s £7 per month.

    I was also thinking about this but as I blog for enjoyment I wondered if it would take the F out of fun.

    It will be interesting to see if anyone who makes money replies.

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    1. I have the free plan, but expect to upgrade to Premium or the plan above it down the road, probably in 4 years. I doubt it will pay for itself for 3 – 4 years based on those who have gone with the paid plan. Some take longer and some hit it a lot sooner.

      susiesopinions did a post about mid-September how this was her first year of Premium paying for itself with ads.

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  4. I’ve wondered all of the above! I earned a single cent (lolz) in November 2018 and I reckon – through very amateur detective work – that it was because I posted every day and so more ads were able to be run on my site. What you say about the countries viewing the posts is very interesting and I wonder how true it is?

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  5. I’m curious about this as well… hope you get some answers.

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  6. I’ve not used WordAds but I’ve heard from the ones who had that it pays so less. Also to sign up for it you need to have the business plan. And it has many restrictions.
    Google Adsense is always preferable.
    I’m going to sign up for it soon

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  7. Sue Ann (Suna) Kendall Apr 17, 2019 — 10:13 pm

    I haven’t gotten anything yet either. Luckily I just want to share thoughts.

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  8. Electric Earning Apr 26, 2019 — 5:49 pm

    How about google adsense? If approved will that earn you more?

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  9. Electric Earnings Apr 26, 2019 — 5:57 pm

    Awesome post. Thank you!

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  10. I read the following: you make an Instagram account, post your professional pictures, make lies, fake reviews, earn money and then call yourself as a blogger 🙂

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    1. 😂😂😂😂😂

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  11. I’ve never made any money for WordPress. And I have ads on my page.

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    1. My point exactly!! Thanks for stopping by!

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  12. This was quite informative. Thanks for sharing.

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  13. Great post, interesting subject Blogging is a hobby for me not a business, no payment needed.

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  14. So not.alone expecting and getting disappointed..Lol..thNks for sharing…

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