You Can’t Help People Who Don’t Want to be Helped

This Bipolar Brat

You can’t help someone who isn’t ready to be helped and isn’t ready to step up.

This is a hard lesson I’ve had to learn over the years. I still struggle with it and it stings to “give up” on someone. It’s not really giving up but I can’t keep using all my mental strength trying to guide someone the right way.

Not that I should be the one to help anyone get their shit together. I’m broken myself. Sometimes I think that’s why I care so much. If I can help someone else, I can heal too.

Does that make me selfish? We’re all a little bit selfish from time to time. It’s like that episode of Friends where Joey tries to prove to Pheobe that there are completely genuine actions without selfish reasoning. He failed.

In my romantic relationships or my close friendships, I’ve always tried to fix…

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