The humble blogger! Yebo yes!

I am a Forty Plusser that started my blog “Forty Something Hey Hey” during August 2018.  It is an exciting journey!   To sum up my experience thus far:

1) English is not my home language so please excuse any grammar mistakes!

2) I love to connect with other bloggers!   Blogging is like this “other world”where I meet new people who I would probably(definitely!) never see in person.

3) I make use of the premium WordPress plan, but making money is like some distant fairytale.   (The personal WordPress plan do not have enough options for theme editing, or enough storage space for audio/video/image uploading).

4) Busted!! I must shamefully admit that I don’t always read posts of fellow bloggers and sometimes just click “like”.  The image/picture “speaks”to me.

5) I usually reblog or share interesting and inspiring posts that I read but I give credit to the original blogger.  That is fair!

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6) Yes, please!! I absolutely love it if other bloggers share or reblog my posts!  It is like a massive complement.  I am beyond grateful! Thanks.

7) Please don’t copy/paste the contents of my blog.

8) I try to keep up with the defined niche of my blog, but sometimes I really don’t have time to write and that causes me to lose track of my blogging theme…

9) There are days that I am totally “obsessed” with blogging and it feels like I could spend all my waking hours on blogging!  Surely not a good thing…

10) Images add great value to blog posts.Image result for image of blogging

11) It is my blog, so I keep it original with no rules attached. I do it “my way”.

12) To generate traffic I promote other bloggers by reblogging & sharing their posts.

13) I have noticed that if I follow a blogger that same blogger usually becomes a follower of my blog in return. (If you want likes & comments – you must also like and comment!).

14) Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ is a great way to “advertise”your blog.  (I prefer not to “advertise”my blog on my personal Facebook profile).

15) You must have a passion for blogging!

16) I don’t compare myself with other bloggers.

17) Not always easy – I try to focus on the overall content of my posts.  It means that I can blog about many different topics, as long as they all relate back to the overall message of my blog. 

Image result for image of bloggin

18) Coming up with new ideas sometimes become exhausting for me.

19) I truly value each person who takes their time to stop by this blog! Thankssssssss!

20) I mostly write about my own experiences… from the heart… don’t know if it’s always a good thing! (Lol).

21) To gather an audience takes time.

22) I think that as my life will change over time – my blog will change,

23) Blogging won’t make me famous! (Lol!). Definitely not!

24) Blogging is good for my self-esteem and gives me a purpose in life as a Forty Plusser.

25) Some days I feel really creative and some days I can’t put three sentences together.

26) Blogging as a hobby can become very time-consuming especially if you have a full-time job.

27) Blogging gets me out of my comfort zone.  I am not afraid to embarrass myself anymore (Lol!). Bring it on baby!

28) Blogging is an “outlet”for me when I feel stressed and worthless (especially when my bipolar mood swing spirals downwards…).

29) There no point waiting for perfection!

30) Just enjoy it!


26 thoughts on “The humble blogger! Yebo yes!

  1. The only difference between me and this is I only like what I’ve read. Also seeing how much blogging affects someone other than me has put me right in a paradox about my March renewal. Hmm … Glad you’re enjoying the experience though.

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  2. Just so you know, I read this before hitting the ‘like’ button 😉

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  3. i am guilty of hitting like before reading it but then i KNOW how good a writer you are and i will come back to it and re-read the whole thing. not a bad one in the bunch. i enjoy each and every post.

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  4. I enjoyed reading all your thoughts and takes on blogging,very insightful and just cool, appreciate you sharing your answers and overall feelings, ☮️

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  5. Tebatjo Malaka Dec 17, 2018 — 11:50 pm

    Nice thoughts. Smile-inducing

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  6. Hello mam. I liked your blog very much. I have nominated you for Liebster award. Check this link

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    1. A very BIG thank you!! I appreciate it!! I feel really humbled and really grateful!

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      1. You are welcome mam. Waiting for your answers to my questions.

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      2. I went through your post. Very nice answers. And I appreciate efforts taken by you in presenting the article with perfect use of images. My best nished to you.
        It is nice to know you. I will keep lookin forward to your new posts.

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  7. Hi,Love all your 30 observations.
    No- 1 .u r wrong,since I found no major or silly gramatical mistake.
    No-4 . u r brutally frank.Yeah these kinds of things happen in blogging world.
    No-5 This is yeoman service.Even I reblog when I find the article is to my taste.
    No-9. Yes.It’s addicitve especially if you pick up friends with mutual interest.So its dangerous at the same time.
    No-14,Yes you are right.I dont use any media other than WP
    No-21.Yes getting audience resonating with you takes a long time.Have patience.
    N0-26,Enjoy blogging but don’t stress out with trollers ( you r lucky if you don’t have one)
    No-28.Agree with you.Blogging sometimes takes your stress out.
    No-29,Perfection is impossible since there is somebody ever ready to pinpoint your flaws.
    No-30. As you said it just enjoy and if time permits chill out !
    Thanks for reading this fully.

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    1. Thanks for your comment Philosophy through photography! Fully read… 😁👌

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  8. You don’t have to be too hard on yourself. Forty is an exciting age in life. Don’t regret whatever you do and stick to what you do best. I’ll click the follow button and see what comes up.

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  9. As another 40-plusser, I find that making my own way is the ONLY way for me. I am *obsessed* with blogging but can only carve out little pieces of time here and there to devote to it. And it definitely, definitely gets me out of my comfort zone. Thanks for posting this!

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  10. I really enjoyed this read! As a forty-something who is seriously considering blogging, you helped me to decipher a few of my own goals. Thanks!

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    1. Good luck with your blogging journey!

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  11. Merci pour l’abonnement à mon blog 🙂 Belle, douce fin d’année – amitiés 🙂

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  12. I like reading your blogs..they are inspiring and I feel also very heartfelt. As far as English is concerned, I don’t think it really matters as what you intend to say really comes across very well. Keep sharing and keep blogging!

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    1. Thank you very very much!!! You just made my day!!!

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  13. Some really great tips and advice here…a huge thank you from me to you…😉

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  14. ..and by the way your English is perfect….😁

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