Speak to the hand

As a Forty Plusser… This is a thing in our home. Father, Mother, Daughter and Son staring at their cellphones. All 4 of us, at the same time, being carried away to this digital world of friends. It’s like we all drift away in our own world. Totally disconnected from each other. Just starring.

No Man. Put down your phone if I am talking to you!! Lot’s of arguments….

Facebook. Oh Facebook. Always on Facebook. People staring at their phones ALL the time. When sitting in front of the tv, When eating out in a Restaurant, When you go to sleep at night, literally whenever you have a free moment!!! Facebook kills face to face conversation skills.

Facebook has made people have a tendency to want to interact with people online rather than in person because it has made the process simpler. Facebook allows for things to be done easier which attracts more people to give it a try. Facebook was not an entity outside of the current generation and it has caused a bit of a culture shock. Studies have shown that people have less interest in interacting with other people in real face to face conversations. Relationships that form completely online are becoming increasingly common.

People are not having intimate conversations and personal interactions with each other anymore. People need to focus on getting into more personal relationships. A Person can become totally obsessed and addicted to a social media like Facebook. Facebook can totally kill our social skills. You click like, share, wish someone happy birthday or add some kind of emogi face on Facebook. You don’t really care to speak to a person face to face in real life. If you are angry at someone you post some kind of “snotty message hint ”that is aimed at that person rather than solving the issue face to face.

We may have hundreds of friends on Facebook . Your number of friends on Facebook is sometimes like a competition to see how many so-called friends you can have to impress other people. When you are going through tough times in life the people who stand by your side is the actual people you know in real life and NOT on facebook.

Some friends on Facebook looks “wow and interesting” and it is fun to follow their daily doings. But these friends may be completely different in real life if you should actually talk to them face to face. On facebook you can fake things and pretend that you have this perfect world.

Facebook is creating a world full of people who would rather click that perfect selfie and post it on Facebook to see how many likes you can get, than spend time and have real face to face conversations with other people like their family members.

Old friends keep in touch by adding you on Facebook, unlike previously when they would meet up for a cup of coffee. Facebook can help you find a lot of friends from your past, but we are losing human touch. Online communication is taking over face to face communication.

A handshake, a pleasant smile add value to a conversation which cannot be replaced by online communication. If you whole life is on Facebook for everyone to see their would not be anything interesting left to be shared when you meet them in person.
Direct face to face conversations build relationships. False projections and illusions of personalities can be created by communicating only on Facebook. You cannot rely on Facebook for dating too. The person can sound different and smarter on a chat but very unappealing in person. Facebook now has over a billion users who are actively sharing information, reading and talking daily, but it is NOT face to face Conversations.

Wisdom:  Today, tech savvy lifestyle determines how people communicate with their friends and family. Facebook kills face to face conversation skills. Facebook is a good way to connect to close ones FAR AWAY, But not with the ones who sit next to you!!!   

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2 thoughts on “Speak to the hand

  1. Agreed! Even the “far away” friends need to call or meet in person.

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