Magenta in my dreams…

As a Forty Plusser woman I know for a fact that all people believe in
“something”. We all have our own set of “Belief systems”that include both religion and philosophies that help to explain basic questions of human existence. I am not going into that too deep, because we all do have our own perceptions why we “believe the way we do”.

I am an open-minded person. I am not superstitious at all. Some things in life I find fascinating and some things I find a “real pot of crap” . So why I am writing about this?

The other night I had this strange dream. I can’t say dreams always come true because most of the time I dream about a load of crap!

What a strange dream!!  Hahaha!! I dreamt that one of my colleagues came to me for advice regarding an order we have to put in for bath towels (Really??!, LOL!!). He said that there was 18 different shades of red he had to choose from and that I must help him to decide which shade he must order. I told him “No, rather go for the color magenta”. Okay, this is all super super hilarious, because we don’t even keep bath towels in stock. This rest of the dream was about the color magenta…?

I HOPE THIS IS TRUE!! Maybe/maybe not!! (LOL)

According to several internet searches, dreaming of the color magenta may be a sign that you are moving from a dark time in your life into a brighter, happier one! I can do with that!! No problem!! It also means that you will find harmony and emotional balance. The color magenta creates balance in life – mentally, physically and spiritually. The color magenta may also represents universal harmony Dreaming of magenta can assist us to rise above all the everyday dramas!! So I googled the meaning of color in dreams.

Fact or fiction – I find it real interesting. Some people believe that God or angels communicate profound kind of “spiritual messages”to you in the form of colors. Some people believe that colors may have a universal symbolic meaning.

According to “research” on google I found the following:


Representation or meaning


Frustration, stability, repression
Red Excitement, danger, shame, sex, vitality
Black Evil, mystery, loss, gloom, secrecy
Pink Kindness, love, joy, happiness
Purple Wisdom, energy, joy, creativity
Blue Faith, peace, truth, loyalty,
White Spiritual growth, compassion, devotion
Gold Hope, goodness, purity
Brown Detachment, down to earth
Green Nature, balance, healing, positive change
Orange Friendliness

Wisdom: “Properly speaking, the unconscious is the real psychic; its inner nature is just as unknown to us as the reality of the external world, and it is just as imperfectly reported to us through the data of consciousness as is the external world through the indications of our sensory organs.”
Sigmund Freud, The Interpretation of Dreams

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5 thoughts on “Magenta in my dreams…

  1. I love this! Your pictures looks great 🙂


  2. I once read that the color black fills a void. That makes sense because so many wear black at funerals. I love color, but sometimes there’s just something cool or elegant about black (and making the outfit pop with a different color shoe choice).

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  3. Great to know!! And I loved the Sigmund Freud’s quote..

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