Life’s good again

As a Forty Plusser- Life’s good again today!!  I snapped out of my depressive episode.  About a month ago I was at a total bottom low “Hello Darkness”.  For the past few weeks I wasn’t able to write ANY posts.  Thank you WordPress for the scheduled post option!!   My brain was one big empty darkness.   Just nothing!   I could not think, I could not eat, I could not get up in the morning, I could not find pleasure in anything, I just did not have strength to live life!!  Bipolar is a bitch!!   I feel like a robot that is controlled by the chemical imbalance inside my brain!   It is a constant ebb and flow of striking highs and lows.   I really have NO CONTROL over this!  Quotes like “We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.” Bullshit man!! 

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But today is not a bad day!  Okay, it is not exactly a jingle bells, somersault, acrobatic moment, no just normal, just content.   I rejoice!  I feel normal again.   I can see clearly again.   I can feel again!  You go girl!  Yesterday I decided to get on the treadmill.  Guess what?  I ran for 15 minutes.   It was a big step for me, a great accomplishment!  It was better than nothing at all!   Let me tell you, I felt super afterwards, so proud of myself!

My temper is under control!   Today, I feel at peace with life.   Everything’s good.   I feel mellow and in control of everything.  This absolute feeling of a constant state of rage is gone!   I feel free!   Life is beautiful again.  Yes, I actually see the beauty in everything.   I see the beauty of the sunset’s glory!  Gone are those feelings of hopelessness.   Gone are those crying for no apparent reason.  At this moment I don’t feel sad, worthless or guilty.   What an amazing feeling it is to be able to concentrate and staying focused!!  I don’t have any overwhelming feelings of anxiety!   What a relief!!!  I just love it!!!

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I hate depression.   Depression blocks my vision of a positive future.  When I hit a low and can’t even tolerate the present.  But today I have a really good upbeat streak!  I do have the strength to find joy in my daily activities.  Can it even be possible?

Just the thought of a relapse makes me absolutely terrified.  I know that I will relapse… it always happens after feeling this good.  But for now I will just let it be and enjoy every minute of feeling joy again!!

Wisdom: “May you find comfort and peace in every situation.”
Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind    


8 thoughts on “Life’s good again

  1. To what do you attribute the change? Did you exercise during the depression? Just curious if that would help

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    1. Hi, nothing… I just snap out of it… When I am depressed nothing helps.

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      1. Me too. Wierd, isn’t it? Glad you snapped out 🙂

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  2. ilonapulianauskaite Mar 7, 2019 — 1:34 pm

    Depression, oh i have been there, in there dark place, but somehow i could go forward and you know what? Feels good to be back❤️

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    1. I am glad to hear that you are better!!

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  3. Daily Renewal Mar 8, 2019 — 12:28 am

    Oh no! I’m sorry you were so depressed. I am so happy you are feeling better now 🙂 Welcome back to life! That’s how I feel after depression too. LOL. Have a great day!

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  4. I like that, that’s the spirit. You stay blessed. Never look back.. Keep going

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