As a Forty Plusser I have stumbled a lot in life.   Hilarious moments when I make a big spectacle of myself by tripping and falling down in front of other people.  Okay, there are lots of laughter and I just get back up again and carry on business as usual.   I see it as an embarrassing moment but in the end I also laugh until I cry…tears streaming down my cheeks…humor.

Right, that is falling down literally, but I sometimes stumble down by saying things I truly regret…  We don’t always realise that words have immense power.  That moment that I can’t believe what I said… or have written on social media that will be out there forever. Saying something that hurt other people.   Saying destructive, insensitive things.  I and the never-ending gossiping… Yes, you might forget what you said, but there is no guarantee that the “victim” will forgive and forget.

There are times that words sometimes fly out of my mouth so quickly… saying things that I don’t even mean.  There are times that I had to apologize for something I have said.  Note to myself:  THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!   I know that a shot fired is a shot fired.  You can’t undo it.   “There is life and death in the power of the tongue”.   If you trip with your tongue it is not possible to just get up again and carry on as usual.

Wisdom: “The best time for you to hold your tongue is the time you feel you must say something or bust.”
Josh Billings   



3 thoughts on “Regret!

  1. Think we’ve all been here and unfortunately social media makes our mistakes or harsh words so, so much harder to forget or move beyond. I like the quote and it is actually one of my resolutions: to do a lot more thinking and listening and a lot less speaking. Two ears, one mouth and all that. Great post 🙂

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  2. Really great post. I too often start talking before I engage the brain. Trying to get into a habit of writing a blog then leaving it for a few hours before I post it. I must admit I hate talking to someone when they are clearly not listening.

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