Take a chance!

It’s so much worse to live in regret in your forties than it is to take a chance in your late twenties.

Donna Lynne Champlin

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5 thoughts on “Take a chance!

  1. Yes most of us leave things too late. I think it’s often due to society and other people’s influences on us.

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  2. Oh God, now I feel so old! I’m 38 and not have had the change to experience as much I as I would like to but I still think I have time to do that (hope so). You don’t have to be very young to do things. Over 40 is not so old either (if you just stay healthy). There is people who travel still in their 60’s or 70’s…You made it sound like your life is over when your 40…You know what my grandpa said? It’s the best time of the life to be in 40’s.

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