Enjoy Your Life

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Everything you need to know is going to be in this very first paragraph. Enjoy your life. Not because life is short. Not because you’resupposedto. Not because your religion, a book, or any motivational speaker tells you. Enjoy your life becauseyou are worthy of being happy.

If you’re interested inwhywe might not enjoy our life or how we can, then keep reading. Otherwise, you’ve got the most important piece of this puzzle: you are worthy of living a life you enjoy.

It’s no secret that I have struggled in my life, even though I’m only 23 at this moment. I’ve gone through a lot. Lots of obstacles. Lots of pain. All that jazz. But my biggest struggle, or one them I guess, came when the majority of my stress was one. When I was in financially safe place, an emotionally stable place, a place with…

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