Why So Insecure?

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Writing My Heart Out

Do you have any insecurities ?

Do your insecurities affects your performance ?

Do you find it hard to let go of those insecurities ?

If Yes , then this one is for you.

Hello Everyone!

So, Insecurities. Well, we all humans have insecurities about lot of things. There are variety of insecurities people have. It can be Looks, Weight, Grades, Social Media Following, Money, Acceptance, Social skills, etc.

First let’s see what is meaning of insecurity.

What Is Insecurity?

In short, Insecurity is lack of confidence. The things which makes one feel lack of confidence, fear & anxious are known as Insecurities.

For example: Let’s say if someone is insecure about his/her looks then he/she will feel afraid to go out & meet new people. Because he/she has already assumed that they won’t be accepted by people.

Another example : Money. Someone who always compares self with others…

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