Stop beating yourself up

As a Forty Plusser you sometimes wonder… my life… is this the life I always wanted? Am I really happy ( yes and NO for sure!!). You may ask a lot of questions. Why why why? You may not always have the answers… Not having the answers can kill you from the inside.

I don’t think that life as a Forty Plusser has to be turned into a midlife crisis. We can contribute to making the world a better place.   I think that ultimately, you are in the best stage of lifeSPREAD YOUR WISDOM: I personally think that we as Forty Plussers must learn how to inspire the younger generation with our wisdom. Image result for LIFE IS A TRIAL AND ERROROur children need to know that life is a trial and error exercise.”Trial and error is a fundamental method of problem solving. It is characterised by repeated, varied attempts which are continued until success, or until the agent stops trying …”. 

 Wisdom: “Never blame yourself for your imperfections, for no one is indeed perfect.” ― Auliq-Ice  

Yes, you can absolutely regret some of your past decisions. Everybody has that ONE THING about their past they could never bring themselves to tell anyone. We’ve made our fair share of mistakes in life, but learned that life goes on. It may sound easier said than done, but if you did something wrong that you are not proud of, forgive yourself! It is time to overcome deep regret & shame for past mistakes. Regret is poison to your soul.  Look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself that we all make mistakes.

Stop beating yourself up!Image result for image of regret

Stop dwelling in the past! At this stage of your life, you know that almost every problem has a solution. A person must accept yourself. We only live once…yes, the clock is ticking for everyone…  We as Forty Plussers must stop comparing ourselves to other people. Rather focus on yourself and learn what is really important for you.  Stop feeling inferior to others.

Note to myself: Challenge your negative thinking because negative thoughts can lower you self-esteem.

Wisdom: “A mistake is an experience, choice or concept it is necessary for us to have or make in order to evolve beyond it. Errors can be the launchpad of great ideas.”
Stewart Stafford

Wisdom: “If you have only gone through the teaching process, even if you have been taught well, it doesn’t become perfected until you go through the trial and error of using the principles you were taught. The action you take to prove the value of a principle is called experience.”
Joan Jessalyn Cox

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