So what!!

Today is one of THOSE days. I’m unsure whether all adults go through this stage where you question life. Your life. Well I am a “40 plusser”and I am constantly reviewing my past and present and future. I worry about the future ALL THE TIME. Actually silly, because you can do NOTHING about the past or the future. Rather concentrate on the present. Yes, you can do absolute nothing about the past whether it is good or bad. It is time to move forward and release that is all behind you.

Since a young age I dreamt of becoming “this or that” when I’m all grownup. My first dream was to become a doctor. I had this “doctor doctor” toy sets complete with stethoscope. My dog, Fifi, was my patient. My other dream was to become some kind of scientist. Well, I am a 40 plusser and I can honestly say that I still don’t know what I want to become when I “grow up”.

Yes, as a grownup you soon realise that life has its own compass. One of my biggest passions in life is animals, so I think that a profession as a VET would have suit me real fine. I think? But I am in my forties and don’t think this dream is realistic.

At this point in my life I sort of have a midlife crisis. I realise that I have reach this midway stage of life. If I look at my current situation I quite often wonder if I want to continue in this same old – same old manner. Or must I change my direction? Some days you just feel that you did not reach your full potential in life. To be quite frankly – a person can become so obsessed with “shattered dreams”that you don’t even realise the good stuff that happen in your life.

Sometimes it is an absolute blessing not getting what you bargained for in life. But how cool is this! Life gave me realities that I haven’t even dreamt off. Totally free of charge. I never dreamt of being a Mom, but today I find it the most fulfilling aspect in my life. I also never dreamt of being a wife, but it is very nice to have a significant other in my life.

So as I look back into my past, I realise that life can only be understood backwards, but it must me lived forward. Concern yourself not what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible to do.

So keep dreaming. Dreaming is part of surviving.

Some wisdom: Choose wisely, for you stand on the threshold of a new beginning and new opportunities. EVERDAY.

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5 thoughts on “So what!!

  1. Beautifully written! And soooo true!

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  2. I’m 37 and find myself having anxiety attacks when I think of the future. Sometimes I feel that I am on the wrong path or that I could be doing much better and don’t know how to change it.

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    1. I am sorry to hear!! It is very difficult. Big hug!

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  3. well done. I went through that a couple of decades ago…ouch…has it been that long?? lol. I am an oldie and long past the worry for the future. I learned one thing. BE! that is it. that is the secret to life. the secret is!!! shhhh…..there is no secret! life is to be lived and enjoyed.

    one question i did ask myself at your age was what do i want to be in 10 years? I can be a vet or continue to be what I was…I tried to be a vet. in the usa it is illegal for most you cannot just be what you want. to be a vet you have to be in a vet family or referred otherwise you cannot get into the schools. same with most of the BIG CAREERS here. it doesn’t matter what you know or how smart…in the USSA it is all about WHO YOU KNOW.

    the biggest thing though is that one question! you will be 50 and (fill in the blanks) or 50 and whatever it is your doing. I chose the next best thing. A homestead. plenty of animals and i learned homeopathic treatments to help my many 4 legged friends. I could have stayed in a corporate job. This was the answer to my question 2 decades ago. lol. think you can or think you can’t. either way you will be right. sorry for the length of my comment! lots to say. I love your writing!!

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    1. I agree. Life is to be lived and enjoyed! 💖

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