Reality? Really?


You al know these reality tv shows. That tv programmes that show how ordinary people behave in everyday life. But remember, this is tv and not all is really reality. In many of this tv shows, situations are often created by the program producers which are intended to represent everyday life. That is why I believe that reality television is stupid and should be regulated.

Reality TV shows do not promote a good image to society and may influence society in a bad way.

The concept is known as media priming. It can influence your cognitive performance. That means that watching dumb people do dumb stuff on national television can in turn, make you do dumb things as well.

Watching reality television can give people a false sense of reality. REALLY

Reality tv actually teach you nothing. People can become addicted watching these programmes. Most of these shows are pointless. The shows are not about the average normal persons life. You see things like excessive partying that is not reality. All they show is how spoiled rich people get drunk and party all the time. Also these rich adult kids won’t ever get a life of their own because they life on daddy’s money.

It is often cruel, exposing the participants to gross humiliation for our entertainment. The people on these shows ruin their future dignity in the sense that no one can ever look at them in the same way.

Ugh man……. Mother no please……… Not the Kardashians!!!!!!!! Lets see. Whom of you know the Kardashians…….put up your hand please. Can you name one of them…. O, Kim, Cloe, Kris, Courtney…. O I hate this programme… Really. Like really. All the Kardashians are always together and having family dinners etc. They are ALWAYS together. They never ever get tired of family gatherings! No life of their own. Super rich and super fake. I mean. Even the father have been changed into a woman named Katelyn. So what? Is it now suddenly okay for a married man with children to decide that he now wanted to become a she? This is nor morally acceptable for me.

Some of these reality tv shows can be really entertaining. Like the singing programme The Voice and Idols. We have all watch these show and voted for our favorite singers.

Hell’s Kitchen is presented by world-famous chef Gordan Ramsay. But he swears like a sailor!! Imagine if we would sound like Ramsay if we talked that way in the classroom.

Survivor is always about this very attractive men and woman who is supposed to survive with the bare minimum on an island. But look closely…. they are always quite groomed and clean… it is really all eye blinding. I mean, if we only go camping for one weekend I look worse than them. They have no shampoo but their hair always looks great. They never get sunburn. They always have lots of energy. If I were one of them I would ask the cameraman for food,water and so on.

Teen Moms. Need I say more!! This show is absolutely ridiculous! Who in their real mind would want their teenage daughter to fall pregnant. Now this reality tv show make this big responsibility look like something romantic. Not something to strive for would I say?

The Biggest Loser. It is all about this really fat people who lose weight. Yes, the people lose weight for the duration of the tv programme. But there after they get fat again.

Bear Grills. You just need to remember that he only acts and always have a whole camera crew with him. Not real survival at all! he is only demonstrating how he thinks a person should react in certain situations.

Remember. Reality tv does not reflects real lives. You don’t have to be forced to watch it so just turn off your tv!!

Wisdom: I want to make a clear distinction between people who take acting seriously and people who call themselves actors because they’ve been on reality TV or something. Damian Lewis

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