Good bye Nanny Mcphee

On 14 August 2018 I finally said goodbye. “Cheers Nanny Mcphee“.

Ugly mole on nose (photo)

About six months ago I began to notice that a mole on the tip of my nose steadily increased in size. At first it did not bother me at all, because I could “Photoshop” my face with foundation. I just put some more foundation on the mole to make it look invisible. Yes, high-five to make up!! If you google moles it says the following: Moles are small, usually dark, skin growths that develop from pigment producing cell in the skin ( melanocytes). Right, mine was big. Growing bigger by the day. Nanny Mcphee big!! Not a beautiful beauty spot like the Cindy Crawford type of beauty spot!

Well, I am a “Forty Plusser”and one reason that skin moles may increase in size, is the body’s response to your hormone level. So it kind of makes sense now… Moles may vary in size from small dots to more than about 2.5 centimeters in diameter. Do you know that people who have more than 50 mole have a somewhat increased risk of melanoma? The majority of moles an other unclassifiable blemishes are benign, or non-cancerous. So, when in doubt, get it check out by your Doctor.

It is possible for hair to grow through the surface of a mole. Not a pretty sight, especially not on the tip of your nose!! Disgusting black hair! If you are self-conscious you can have the mole removed for cosmetic reasons.

I got mine removed. The procedure: Removal of skin lesions with cauterisation. So how did it go? For a starter: I just went for a doctor’s OPNION. So when the doctor mentioned that she can remove it right away I nearly passed out! You see, I need to prepare myself mentally for things like this in my life. I don’t like surprises, especially surprises related to pain! I am very afraid of pain. Sensitive to getting hurt – BIGTIME!

Day one – a few hours after the procedure (photo)

She applied a topical anesthetic cream on the mole. I was offered a cup of coffee while I had to wait for the full effect of the topical anesthetic cream to kick in. After about 15 minutes I went into the doctor’s office where the procedure was performed. She and her assistant tried to calm me because my heart now jumped right out of my chest! Nervousness, heart palpitations, sweaty palms. Totally dizzy. I saw The Light!!! I had to hold a metal type thing in my hand – it was part of the procedure, but at that point I was not interested to know the purpose for this. (It is used to”earth” the electric current).

Day 11 – crust starts falling off (Selfie)

She then injected me with local anesthetic. On the tip of my nose!! O my shuttered nerves!! It HURT! How can I describe that first injection? (So by the way. The cream did not numb my skin). The injection– It is that familiar “pinch and burn”sensation but multiply it with ten. Tip of my nose…Excrutiating. Okay, I know I am exaggerating just a tiny little bit! In total she injected me 5 times. I think. Then she removed the mole by “burning”it. I could smell smoke? SMOKE. I thought that I had died and went straight to hell??

Day 15 (Photo). Almost invisible

Let’s forward the situation. No blood, no stitches. No nothing! I must shamefully admit that I was kind of making a mountain of a mole heap. Cowardice.

Day 21 (Selfie).   It's GONE!! Whoop Whoop!!
Day 21 (Selfie). It’s GONE!! Whoop Whoop!!

So how do removal of skin lesions with cauterisation really feel? To be quite honest – BEAUTY IS PAIN. Only the first injection hurts a lot. Best of all; the results are impressive amazing! I was just not mentally prepared!
Watch this:
Cauterisation procedure

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4 thoughts on “Good bye Nanny Mcphee

  1. I work in surgery, so this is cracking me up! 😂♥️ I am brand new to blogging- your page is so pretty! I need to customize mine, lol. Thanks for following me! When I read your description, I thought you could BE me! I am also 40-something, married for 20 years with 2 children, living in a small town!😊 Nice to “meet you”!

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    1. Nice to meet you!!! I am also new to blogging😁

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Good luck with your blogging journey 💖

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Ha! My dermatologist told me an off-color joke to take my mind off the injection on my face. One day he will probably get sued, but I was grateful for it. Sounds like you made the right decision.

    Liked by 3 people

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