Grey is okay Baby!

As a Forty Plusser I was raised with the concept that everything in life is either black OR white. No in between. I had a very black and white view of everything. For this reason I was a real judgemental person. Okay okay. First things first! spelling grey or gray? Believe it or not – Even the spelling of colour is a challenge. Gray is more common in the U.S. , while grey is more common in other English-speaking countries.

As the years went by I decided to just chill a bit in life and see things in a more greyish perspective. But still: Cheating, murder, stealing, etc. is definitely wrong!

Grey is a mixture of black&white. This world is made up of opposites. Bitter sweet moments. Ups and downs. Not everything is always a clear yes/no or right/wrong in life. Life happens and life has both a light and dark side. Life is a mixture of excitement, pleasure, sorrow, happiness and depression. To me, life is a thousand shades of grey. Life can become more confusing when the black and white areas starts turning grey. But that is okay, because life is life!

So what is the definition of grey areas in life?”If you refer to something as a grey area, you mean that it is unclear, for example because nobody is sure how to deal with it or who is responsible for it, or it falls between two separate categories of things”.

Seeing things as a definite white or black can also be a good thing. Making decisions: If there are no shades of grey, there is no uncertainty.

If we look beneath the underneath you will find that life is more about perceptions, luck and circumstances.

Agree to disagree: That “stuck moment” during a fight when you just cannot find any middle ground. Sometimes there will be no absolute answer to a disagreement. Who is right? Who is wrong? It’s okay if there is not always a winner nor a loser!

Love and hate something at the same time? Impossible you might think?? Think of that “I can’t live with or without you” scenarios in marriages. If all things were black and white in marriages the divorce rate would sky-rocket!!

Be open-minded: I think that being open-minded means that you must not look through an all-or-nothing lens. Your perception on how you think things should be, might differ from other people’s perceptions.

Maintaining a happy lifestyle: If you can see the world as a shade of grey it would help to breed a lifestyle of tolerance and forgiveness.
Your view: Your outlook on life is not necessarily right. Try to see things as they are. Try to see things objectively.

Being judgemental: Remember that everyone has flaws. Get over that all-or-nothing thinking and really consider why people act in a certain way.

Wisdom: “There’s so much grey to every story – nothing is so black and white”. Lisa Ling
Wisdom: “The great thing about getting older is that you become more mellow. Things aren’t as black and white, and you become much more tolerant. You can see the good in things much more easily rather than getting enraged as you used to do when you were young”. Maeve Binchy


Mike Taylor

[Verse 1]
My life is not just black and white
It’s plenty of purple, blue and green
And every shade and hue that’s in between
I, I, I close my eyes
I can see the picture vividly
We got the whole world at our feet
This blank canvas is all we need

When the light wave hits the diamond
You see the beautiful colour, colour, colour, colour
Colour, colour, colour, colour
In your heart that light is shinin’
With all that beautiful colour, colour, colour, colour
Colour, colour, colour, colour


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