Are you lonely?

As a Forty Plusser woman I sometimes prefer my own company vs being in the company of other people. I have no trouble to be alone by myself. I must say that I actually do enjoy my own company. There are also times when I truly enjoy being in the company of others. But there are moments that I really feel lonely while being surrounded by people.

When you are alone, it is a state of being. You are quite happy to be in your own company. When you feel lonely, it is a state of mind. Loneliness leaves a feeling of emptiness.

Okay, so you are at a party, surrounded by a dozen of people and still feel completely and totally lonely?

Quality friends rather than quantity: You are the type of person that rather have a handful of close friends, rather by socially surrounded by random people.
Time spend on social media: You spent too much time on social media and neglect your real face to face friendships.
Crowd irritates you: Maybe there is a person that irritates the crap out of you! You go into some “survival mode”and switch yourself off…

You are an introvert: You don’t like to share your feelings with others and socializing is simply too exhausting for you!
Lack of Self-confidence: Your self-confidence can play a big role in the way that you relate to others. You may feel unworthy and incapable to join in conversations.
Trust issues: You simply don’t feel “safe” to let your guard down. People may have hurt you in the past. Backstabbing and gossiping…
Lack of interest: You are not interested to join in on a certain topic or conversation. You feel bored.
Depression: Sad but true. Depression can make you feel totally isolated. Depression also has a way to push you away from people who love you.

one of the hardest things to experience in life


5 thoughts on “Are you lonely?

  1. I like the quote and image at the bottom of your post👍
    One has to learn to like themselves before expecting others to like them…
    Alone time is important as well as socializing…

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  2. Brilliant quote and a great post

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  3. It’s defintitely tough to deal with loneliness. I’m with you on enjoying my own company. I usually prefer to be alone. But, it’s good to have others and remind yourself what relationships are and to keep them healthy. That quote from Robin Williams is beautiful, and SO SAD!!

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